Why This 20 Year Storage Veteran Leads with Pure Storage

Why This 20 Year Storage Veteran Leads with Pure Storage

By Lauren Bell | Aug 28, 2019 | Insights

Kevin is a storage engineer with 2 decades of experience in the industry. During his 20 year tenure, he has worked with Pure Storage, HP, Nimble, and most of the Dell EMC suite. After working extensively with each of these providers, Kevin leads with Pure Storage when designing data solutions. He shares why below.

Top Notch Support: Pure Dives into the Full Stack 

If Kevin is unable to remedy an issue with Pure, he contacts Pure's support team. He appreciates the fact that Pure delves deeper than just their own platform - they dive into compute and storage and network and virtualization. 

"If you call a competitor, they will only look at the their own piece. They'll look into the issue and say 'Sorry, this is a VM piece. You need to call them," explains Kevin. He adds, "But you don't have to call support very often." 

With one of the highest NPS scores in the industry, Pure's top-notch support undoubtedly contributes to their customer loyalty. 


Less Support Issues: Due to Superior Research and Design 

"Pure just works. With other providers, you have to interact with their support more frequently because their new platforms are just buggy. They have full outages because of the operating system - it reboots, it fails, whereas with Pure, you does not. I have not seen an outage with Pure," Kevin explains. "Pure seems to do a lot better job in R&D." 


More Efficiency - Great De-dupe and Compressions Rates: Attributed to Superior Algorithms 

Pure-Storage-vs-netappPure does a better job of providing more usable storage out of a smaller footprint. Their de-dupe and compression ratios and algorithms are the reason for this. Kevin says, "With Pure, you do not need as much overhead to be able to run your entire environment. If I try to size out an X20, I would need two models bigger with a competitor than what the customer actually needed it to be, just because the code doesn't run as efficiently. So the utilization of controllers is through the roof compared to what I can get in a smaller Pure array with the same amount of capacity."





From a usability perspective,  what does Pure do better than legacy storage options? 

"It comes down to the performance of the box. The fact that once everything is migrated off of a legacy box, I'm sitting at 30% capacity with Pure, that's it. Whereas, those legacy boxes, with a 120 TB box, we were at over 90% capacity." 

We can get a full POC up in a day

"Within a day, we can have it up and running and do a full POC for a month or two."

Why is Pure better than all flash competitors?

"De-dupe and compression is such a big play in the all flash world. The amount of de-dupe and compression you get from a competitor compared to a Pure, it is night and day. Pure provides way more capacity." Kevin reports regularly seeing a 3.4 to 1 data reduction ratio.

On top of data reduction, here are the other reasons Pure's all flash is so highly praised: 

  • Customers receive a free controller upgrade after 3 years
  • The cost does not increase
  • Customers do not have to rebuy- they can swap out controllers
  • Customers can use the investment they already made
  • Hardware upgrades are truly non disruptive. Customers do not have to shut down their entire environment to upgrade


If you have questions about Pure Storage, or would like to set up a free proof of value, contact us or leave a comment below! 


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