[Video] Cisco's 3-in-1 Catalyst 8000 Series Overview

[Video] Cisco's 3-in-1 Catalyst 8000 Series Overview

By Lauren Bell | Mar 25, 2021 | News

50% of the workforce will be remote by 2021 and Cisco has developed tools to support this shift. One such set of tools is the Catalyst 8000 Series. featuring a router, firewall and switch in one that 5G capable and cloud native, it will change the future of networking. 

Here is more about this series from our recorded webinar:

Q&A Section:

Q: Does the 8000 series come with full UC support?

A: Yes, this is one of the main things we looked at with this platform. Especially with our ISR4400 , ISR4300, we knew this was a no go if not supported. With the 8000 series we have a 97% feature parody across with board.

Q: Do you see 5G being the primary WAN connection in the future?

A: I would say 100%- and the reason for that and the move we have seen, outside of just our support, obviously from a 5G module perspective, looking at the 8200's and 8300's we have also came out with a dedicated wireless WAN device cellular gateway. So at Cisco, we have purpose-built hardware just for that kind of use case. We are looking at larger metro areas and are seeing how customers are going to be able to provide that service for their users. It is more and more confidence as well as the commitment from the service provider to really build out their platform.  5G will be more of a reliable connection, maybe its a fail-safe, but it is definitely something we are seeing more and more of. 

Q:Does the 8000 series licensing have a limit on unencrypted traffic?

A:  For a customer that may not be moving to SDWAN or doesn't have much IP sector crypto traffic, we do not have a threshold in our licenses for that unencrypted traffic. 



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