TBL Recognized with Two Awards from Pure Storage

TBL Recognized with Two Awards from Pure Storage

By TBL Admin | Jul 13, 2020 |

A Pure Partner for just 2 short years, TBL Networks ranked #1 in net new clients for the Virginia, Maryland and DC region for Pure Storage's fiscal year 2020. 

Along with that distinction, our very own Kevin Pendleton was recognized for his contribution to Pure’s regional growth and all that he brings to each client interaction.

We are grateful for the solid partnership and storage offering that Pure brings to the market to allow for this success. 

Why TBL Networks Chooses to Partner with Pure Storage 

Why Pure Choosen Intersight

TBL Networks was in search of a partner that would aid in further growing its data center practice. In order to facilitate that growth, the partner had to meet a list of criteria to best serve TBL Network's customers. 



With its line of all flash products, Pure Storage leads with impressive de-dupe and compression rates. Because of their compression ratios and algorithms, Pure does a better job of providing more usable storage out of a smaller footprint. We've seen tremendous cases of this from our own customers. Most competitive storage solutions get 1.5-1 to  2-1 compression / de-dupe ratios compared to ~3-1 ratios customers can achieve from Pure.

Magic Quadrant Placement 

In Gartner's Magic Quadrant, Pure Storage is placed furthest for Completeness of Vision.

We deliberately chose to represent leaders such as Pure Storage in the tech space. 

Ease of Administration and Management 

Pure's operating system, Purity, was designed to easily integrate with Cisco's Intersite. Because TBL is a Cisco Gold Partner, this alignment is important. 

Why We Lead with Pure Storage 

THe End to Forklift Upgrades

Forklift upgrades are disruptive. With Pure, forklift upgrades are a thing of the past. Pure customers never have to buy the same terabyte of storage with Pure's Evergreen Gold subscription service. When we recommend Pure, we feel we are being good stewards of our customers' IT budgets. 

Why TBL Found Success with Pure Storage 

Why success with Pure


TBL made the decision to be dedicated to Pure. We believe this commitment created alignment with the local team and the outcome was exceptional customer experience. 

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