TBL Purchases Building for New Headquarter Location

TBL Purchases Building for New Headquarter Location

By TBL Admin | Sep 05, 2019 | News

Since our founding in 2007, we have always rented space in the Richmond area - until now. In July 2019, TBL Networks purchased 1600 Forest Ave in Richmond. We began moving into the new space in late August and plan to have an open house in late October.

The Ability to Make the Investment

TBL has experienced steady growth since its founding in 2007. But the introduction of our Limelight suite of services in 2014, specifically our Limelight Subscribe offering, positioned TBL to making this investment. In this cloud offering, equipment is owned and managed by TBL, but sits at the customer site and is dedicated to serving only that one organization.

TBL Move In day

Preview of the building on moving day

What this purchase means to the company as a whole

After being tenants since 2007, the purchase of TBL’s very own building signifies and reinforces several things:

Shared Pride

This new space gives our employees a sense of pride; to have something that we can grow into together. As we get settled into our new space, new art and inspiration adorns the office walls. We're actively collaborating on the look and feel of the new space.


This move demonstrates the growth of the company. TBL has grown from a team of 3 to over 20 employees. 

More Room for Growth

The new building has more square footage and offices than we currently need- but we purchased the building for growth projections. 

Future plans for the building

Light Renovations

The building already meets the majority of our needs and is already a beautiful space. We will do some light renovations, to allow for easier delivery of tech equipment, and simple design refreshes in common areas.

Hosting Events

With the extra space and a court yard, we look forward to hosting educational and fundraising events.


As our space develops, we'll share updates on our social media channels. Stay tuned! 


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