introducing: the tbl networks practice leads

introducing: the tbl networks practice leads

By Lauren Bell | Jan 28, 2020 | News

We are excited to announce 4 brand new practice lead roles at tbl networks. Each newly titled team member has proven themselves knowledgeable, experienced and proficient in each of their disciplines and our clients & partners will soon see benefits of these promotions.


Meet the Practice Leads:  

wayne circleWayne Miao- Cybersecurity and Enterprise Networking  

Years in IT:  20+

With tbl networks since: 2012

Kevin P CircleKevin Pendleton- Data Center  

Years in IT:  20+

With tbl networks since: 2010  

david west circle David West – Automation and Analytics 

Years in IT: 25+ 

With tbl networks Since:  2017


david cantwell circleDavid Cantwell – Collaboration  

Years in IT:  20+ 

Helped found tbl networks in: 2007 

The outcomes of these new roles: 

Improving Service Offerings  

With dedicated focus for each of their perspective practices, each lead will gain more intricate knowledge of our customers and their needs.  If processes can be improved, there is now a dedicated contact for collecting feedback, proposing new ideas and improving upon service offerings. 

More Rapid Development  

With a dedicated lead & budget, each practice will have more focus and energy for development. Leads will take the reins on projects and prioritize projects based on the greatest predicted impact to our clients. The dedicated time and prioritization will result in quicker development and deliverability of new offerings and enhancements. 

More Opportunity for Innovation 

As leads grow into their leadership roles, they will become laser-focused on the needs of our clients and the capabilities of the technology marketplace. They will have time, space and authority to create new procedures, offerings, and introduce new technologies and innovation.  


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