Cybersecurity Committees To Become More Common

Cybersecurity Committees To Become More Common

By Lauren Bell | Apr 23, 2021 |

Gartner predicts 40% of boards will have a dedicated cybersecurity committee by 2025.  As attack vectors grow, the demand for cybersecurity grows alongside. While it may seem obvious to CIO's to better fund and support cybersecurity initiatives, getting an organization to endorse and follow through with initiatives is an ongoing challenge. A cybersecurity committee could be the answer to closing the loop on security ambitions. 

There is often a disconnect between business operations and IT. In an article on Tech Republic this disconnect, charged by funding, is addressed: 

"Nearly all respondents (95%) agreed that IT involvement in key strategic initiatives adds value to businesses.... While 50% of IT professionals think IT budgets are insufficient to delivering solutions at scale, some 68% of business respondents don't see any funding challenges." 

Having a cybersecurity committee can help you:

- Advocate for funding 

- Implement cybersecurity policies 

- Oversee program development 

- Develop procedures for a variety of “worst-case scenarios"

Read the Gartner Article Here 

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