3 Ways Structured Release Management Makes Life Easier

3 Ways Structured Release Management Makes Life Easier

By Lauren Bell | Jul 20, 2021 |

Properly leveraging structured release management will modernize your IT organization, and make your life easier. Here a few reasons why you should consider using a dedicated technology partner for structured release management. 

Ways Structured Release Management Helps your Organization 

1. Tedious Work Done For You

There are major efforts that go into the entirety of a release cycle. 

- Development of the release from the manufacturer  

- Understanding the release 

- Testing the release on different platforms

- Finding bugs

- Finding solutions to the bug

- Documenting solutions

- Deploying the release 

- Communicating the release updates to the organization 

- Training the organization for the usage of the release 

A technology partner can systematically guide your organization with releases and take on much of this process for you, and you are presented with a tested and approved new release. 

2. Greater Organization-Wide Feature Adoption

No one likes spending money and later feeling like the spending was not justified. As with many things in life, the 80/20 rule applies to software. It's estimated that just 20% of a software's features are widely used, and 80% of a person's time with a particular software is spent with the 20% of widely used features. 

Software Release Management Managed Services Virginia

While not all features are created equally, more than just the 20% being used have great capabilities. Researchers and developers pour brainpower, resources, and money into feature development. 

Low feature usage is not necessarily an indication of poor software development, instead, it is more indicative of a systemic failure of training and communication.

In a structured release management process, new features are highlighted, documented, and explained, increasing greater adoption. 

3. Increased Predictability 

Structured release management programs are organized by the systems and software platforms customers operate on. Because of this framework, features can be tested both in lab and customer test environments before full release deployment. When deployed, you'll have confidence in a deployment being successful. 

Learn about tbl networks' structured release management in this video: 


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